Veterinary Services

Pet Dental Procedures

Maintaining your pet’s dental health is essential for their overall well-being. Our pet dentistry services focus on preventive care, dental cleanings, and tooth extraction to ensure your furry companions enjoy a healthy and happy life.

a dog holding a toothbrush in its mouth
dog chewing on a bone

Understanding Dental Disease

To comprehend the significance of pet dentistry, it’s crucial to grasp the stages of dental disease, also known as periodontal disease. In the initial phase, dental disease manifests as gingivitis—an inflammation involving the gingival tissues. This stage is reversible. As the disease progresses, it advances to Periodontitis, an active condition affecting the tissues supporting the teeth, leading to irreversible attachment loss. At Ladson Veterinary Hospital, our goal at this point becomes disease control. Below are some photographs that show the progression as it affects the gum and tissue of your pet’s mouth.

Dog full mouth radiographs

x-ray images of teeth

Cat full mouth radiographs

x-ray images of teeth

Dental Cleanings and Tooth Removal

We offer professional dental cleanings and tooth removal. Similar to our approach to soft-tissue surgeries, every dental procedure includes pre-anesthetic bloodwork and EKG screening for all pet patients. Our comprehensive services encompass cleaning, scaling, and polishing teeth. Additionally, our veterinary team utilizes dental radiographs to identify underlying issues not visible on the surface, ensuring the best care for your pet’s teeth.

Post-Operative Care Options

After dental procedures, we provide various post-operative care options to maintain your pet’s dental health at home. Our recommended products include:

CET Toothbrush & Paste Kit
This widely favored kit, approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), is suitable for both cats and dogs. Regular use keeps your pet’s breath fresh and their teeth strong.

Vetriscience’s Perio Support Pro Powder
Our best-selling product is suitable for both feline and canine family members. This vanilla-flavored powder is sprinkled on your pet’s food, breaking down tartar and plaque buildup. It’s easy to use, and a little goes a long way, making the container last for weeks to months.