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Dental Procedure Consent Form

Save time and streamline your next dental procedure appointment by completing the required form online. Feel free to fill out this form from any device at your convenience prior to your visit.

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Dental Procedure Consent Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit.

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We are proud to offer the newest and cutting-edge technology to our clients. All of our surgeries reflect the high quality of care our clients would wish for themselves. As with every surgery, pain medication is provided as well as surgical monitoring during dental procedures to ensure the safety of our patients.

There are always risks involved with anesthesia, yet with the individual care and attention we provide for your pets, complications are minimized. Pre-anesthetic blood work and EKG screenings are performed before all surgeries, which provides a high level of confidence during surgery. The pre-anesthetic blood work helps to eliminate any potential abnormalities of the body, including kidneys and liver as well as additional body systems. It also allows the doctor to make diagnoses and recommend treatment if necessary. If there should be any abnormal results, a doctor will contact the client and discuss the results before surgery.

  • Digital Radiographs are taken of the entire mouth to help reveal hidden infections and tooth abnormalities while your pet is anesthetized.
  • An IV Catheter will be placed while fluids are continuously administered throughout the dental procedure to help maintain blood pressure and the highest level of safety.
  • For the dental procedure being performed please refer to the estimate.

With dental disease, severe disease can affect the bone. This makes extracting abscessed teeth with a lot of bone loss problematic. There is a chance of fractured jaws when removing teeth that have minimal bone present. This can be a complication of having dentals. If the jaw is fractured it will be repaired, however the hospital will not be held responsible financially or emotionally for any complications that can arise from the dental procedure. If any complications arise, the present estimate does not include these items. Besides jaw fractures, such things as nerve damage, salivary duct damage, TMJ joint damage and others are all complications of dentals. However, we take every preventative measure to make sure our patients are monitored and the very best care is given to them. If there are any issues in the middle of the dental, we will call you. Please make sure the number below is an accurate working number for someone who has the ability to make decisions.