When Disaster Strikes



Advanced planning is essential- it could save the life of your pet and make the process less stressful in an emergency situation.

Since we live in one of the most hurricane-prone areas of the US, we are here to help you prepare for that time of the year. If you are unable to evacuate local shelters may allow you and your family to enter, however, pets may not be so lucky. It's best to find out ahead of time which shelters allow pets. If you plan on evacuating the area to a place further inland, make sure to find a pet-friendly hotel in advance as they tend to book fast during these times.

Click here to find pet friendly establishments. 


Keep all pets in a central location in case you have to leave quickly. As mentioned above, try to call well in advance for reservations at hotels that accept pets and have your pet supply kit assembled. 

Your kit should contain the following:

  1. Food, water, and kitty litter for at least 3 days. Try not to take foods that can spoil quickly. Water should be in a sanitized, unbreakable container.
  2. Cleaner/disinfectants, newspaper, paper towels, and plastic bags to properly handle pet waste.
  3. Easily transportable bedding and toys.
  4. A sturdy, properly sized (non-cardboard) crate, leashes, and any necessary obedience aids to transport pets safely and ensure they will not escape.
  5. Documentation with feeding schedules, medical history, proof of vaccinations, medical conditions, behavioral problems, and the name and number of your veterinarian in case you have to board them.
  6. Medication stored in a water-proof container as well as a first aid kit. Include any special medication such as motion sickness pills or sedatives, if necessary.
  7. Current photo of your pet and a copy of the microchip number.

Another great tool for your severe weather preparedness kit, is our FREE hospital smartphone app. Vitus Vet is a very user-friendly app that allows you to access your pet's records no matter where you are at. As long as you have cellular signal, you have your pet's records in the palm of your hand! If you would like to sign up for Vitus Vet, or learn more information about this  convenient tool, please click the picture below to be directed to their website. 

** Note: You MUST have a valid email address with our hospital to access this app! **


And as always, your Ladson Veterinary Hospital Team is here to help if you have any questions or need a copy of your pet's records.


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